Patents are granted for inventions constituting new solutions of a technical nature, not obviously emerging from the state of the art and suitable for industrial use. A patent gives the patent’s holder for a specified period of time the exclusive right to use, manufacture, offer and sell, or import, a product or process based on the invention. The patent is granted by the competent Patent Office after conducting a procedure to check whether the invention meets the criteria of patentability and the documentation meets the formal requirements. A patent may last a maximum of 20 years from the date of its filing, provided that the annual official fees are paid within on time.

An application for patent may be filed:

  • in the national mode
  • under the European Patent procedure at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich,
  • under the procedure of the Agreement at the Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva for selected countries of the world

In this respect, Kancelaria Patentowa Dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński i Syn offers the following services:

  • conducting patent research, especially research on the state of the art and research on protection rights granted in Poland
  • development of patent descriptions
  • filing patent applications and conducting proceedings before the Polish Patent Office in order to obtain a patent as well as filling the international PCT applications
  • validation of European patents in Poland
  • monitoring or supervising the payment of renewal fees
  • providing changes to the Register of the Patent Office
  • monitoring of official deadlines
  • conducting disputes and elaborating and lodging objection to the unauthorized granting of protection rights,
  • preparation and registration in the Polish Patent Office of license agreements and assignment of rights
  • obtain additional protection rights (SPC).