Objects of industrial design play an important role in the marketing and strategy of companies. The appearance of the product, its design is now as important for consumers as it is functional features. Industrial designs allow companies, creators and designers of applied art to protect the effects of their creative work.

An industrial pattern is a new form of an object manifested in its shape, surface properties, arrangement of lines, drawings or colors, giving this object an original appearance, e.g. fabric, ceramics, furniture, electronic equipment housing, packaging (bottles, boxes).

Protection right of an industrial design shall last a maximum of 25 years from the date of filing application, provided that official annuity fees for the extension of its protection are paid every 5 years.

Only a new industrial design that meets the following conditions has the registration capacity: an identical design has not previously been made available to the public around the world (not only in Poland). The advantage of industrial design protection is a fairly quick registration in the Polish Patent Office - it takes about 4 months .

Kancelaria Patentowa Dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński i Syn has extensive experience in obtaining protection of industrial designs in Poland and in other countries, providing the following services in this area:

  • preparation of descriptions and applications for registration of industrial designs in the Patent Office in Poland,
  • conducting tests in registers of registered industrial designs,
  • supervising deadlines and paying fees for the extension of protection of industrial designs,
  • making changes to industrial design registers,
  • representation and conduct of dispute proceedings,
  • preparing license agreements and conducting negotiations with a view to their conclusion,
  • conducting court cases related to infringements of industrial design