In 1990 Poland has joined the international PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty, which allows inventors and companies to file an international application for an invention at WIPO in Geneva within 12 months from the date of filing the national application. Such an application shall then be subject to international preliminary examinations, allowing the scope of protection to be changed according to the opposing state of the art, and within 30 months from the date of the national application, the so-called opening of national phases (i.e. ordinary patent proceedings) in selected countries of the world separately.

Specialized technical education and many years of experience of patent attorneys and specialists of Kancelaria Patentowa Dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński cover all fields of technology: mechanics with all its industrial specialties, physics, electrical engineering, electronics (including software and computer hardware), construction, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology.

Patent attorneys and specialists from Kancelaria Patentowa Dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński file applications and conduct proceedings before WIPO in all the above-mentioned areas of knowledge.

In 1991 Poland joined the Madrid Protocol, which allows companies to register their trademarks internationally at WIPO in Geneva