Due to the increasing number of application for inventions and granted patents, there is a serious risk that the designed solution is already known and reserved for the benefit of another entity. It is important that before placing the product on the market, as well as before filing an application for an invention with the Patent Office, appropriate patent research should be carried out to demonstrate whether the solution is new and whether it meets the other conditions for patentability. Such tests protect the entrepreneur against exposure to possible claims of third parties and incurring significant expenses to start the procedure for submitting a given solution before the Patent Office, which was already known. Often in our practice we meet with a situation when an invention (idea) seems to the inventor completely new and unknown on the market, and yet, as a result of patent research, it turns out that an similar solution is already claimed for another entity in the Patent Office or appears in the patent documentation as part of the state of the art.

Kancelaria Patentowa Dr inż. Zbigniew Kamiński i Syn offers the following patent research services:

  • research on the patent purity of the state of the art of the solution on the Polish market based on the databases of the Patent Office in Poland (patent literature)
  • research on patentability in Poland and in other countries for the purpose of the planned application for an invention (subject and subjective) based on patent literature in world databases.