In today's competitive market conditions, signs identifying companies and their goods and services are playing an increasingly important role. Registration of a trademark gives its owner an effective tool to fight unfair competition, as well as becomes a factor increasing trust in the company and building its prestige.

At the same time, a trademark through long use in trade, intensive advertising and promotion can become a valuable asset in the enterprise. Each manufacturing company should have a registered name for its leading products, and the others at least their own logo.

A trademark may take the form of a word or image designating goods or services of a particular type in order to distinguish them from similar goods produced by another manufacturer or performed by another service provider. A trademark can also be a company name. Registration of a trademark takes place after the Patent Office has conducted a formal examination. The registration procedure takes about 6 months. Trademark protection lasts 10 years from the date of filing application and can be extended for next ten-year periods.

A trademark application may be filed:

  • in the national mode in Poland,
  • under the European Trade Mark mode,
  • under the Madrid Agreement (IR MARK) in selected countries of the world.